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Quality Assurance / 2009-05-18

 YOU AGREE THAT ARE NOT to access your account, retrieve your password, log into the game or modify the information including inter alia the access information during the performance of the Power-Leveling Service by to avoid unnecessary issues or complications that might arise due to multiple logging in patterns. If there is a need to log into your account or you intend to request for play-time, you accept that you will contact us or submit the request for play-time as stipulated above, and will guide you through the correct process. will to the best of its abilities ensure that no programs or macros that will corrupt or adversely affect the digital integrity of your account during the performance of the Power-Leveling Service. . warrants that it will never misuse the Selected Character for its own interest while your account is with us. warrants that it will treat every account with honor and integrity while leveling and will never degrade or dishonor the Selected Character. further warrants that it will attempt to minimize all communications so as not to attract unnecessary attentions while leveling your character. You acknowledge and accept that the foregoing warranties by is limited to the scope and specifications enumerated in the Power-Leveling Service package selected and paid for by you.
All items, equipments and ingame currencies will not be tempered with as long as it doesn't interfere with the leveling process. All drops and items gain during leveling process will remain in the account. will take full control of your character's leveling pattern and will bear no responsibilities to the changes made.
Orders will be delivered in the soonest time possible. However, delays do happen under rare circumstances due to reasons beyond our control (for example: server maintenance and servers down time).
Once your order is done, will inform you via online chat, phone call or send you a confirmation email together with the password to your account and it is your responsibility to change the password to your account.
Should there be any unsatisfactory issues, you are welcomed to talk to us and will work our best to fix it to your satisfaction. All issues should be addressed to us within a 24 hours time frame from the date and time of delivery else all delivered orders will be deem as accepted with complete satisfaction. All issues should be submitted together with proves of a before/after/present screenshots and emailed to support@(ViewBag.SiteCall).com in order to speed up the process. Do understand that without such information, would not be able to investigate into the issue and might not be able to cater to your satisfactions.
You are welcomed to leave positive or negative remarks as always strive to provide the best service to our customers. Your Satisfaction is Our Motivation. Happy Gaming.

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